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 ///  File Name: traceSolaris.txt
traceroute under Solaris 10 is susceptible to a buffer overflow in the handling of the -g argument. Sample exploitation included.
Author:Przemyslaw Frasunek
File Size:2275
Last Modified:Jun 25 09:07:42 2005
MD5 Checksum:12bfb0bfe843c6f3aff37ac9ae831254

 ///  File Name: ubb652.txt
UBB Threads versions 6.5.2 Beta and below are susceptible to cross site scripting, SQL injection, HTTP response splitting, and local file inclusion vulnerabilities.
Author:James Bercegay
File Size:6423
Last Modified:Jun 25 08:56:27 2005
MD5 Checksum:7626f1caa27e08854e48e3244bdbab85

 ///  File Name:
Ultimate PHP Board versions 1.9.6 and below GOLD users.dat password decryption exploit.
Author:Alberto Trivero
File Size:2253
Last Modified:Jun 18 20:08:10 2005
MD5 Checksum:100b1d9c49fead9a21e3af04ec645575

 ///  File Name:
ViRobot UNIX/Linux Server web user interface remote root exploit which takes advantage of the setuid addschup cgi. Adds a root user to the system.
Author:Kevin Finisterre
Related File:DMA-2005-0614a.txt
File Size:1654
Last Modified:Jun 21 06:52:21 2005
MD5 Checksum:4798c8571a63dd8076df666acd7ea84a

 ///  File Name: Webhints.c
Webhints version 1.03 and below remote command execution exploit. Written in C.
File Size:3346
Last Modified:Jun 18 19:51:47 2005
MD5 Checksum:a0f7919dbbeb4bd4806eb0f1edb79a0b

 ///  File Name:
Webhints version 1.03 and below remote command execution exploit. Written in Perl.
File Size:2981
Last Modified:Jun 18 19:50:50 2005
MD5 Checksum:10cc7231571c4640de1485696c0c1152

 ///  File Name:
eXtropia shopping cart web_store.cgi remote command execution exploit.
Author:sun-os [ActionSpider]
File Size:3957
Last Modified:Jun 18 20:03:54 2005
MD5 Checksum:73e3898e1923d5441b0fef62e00ac0e6

 ///  File Name: whoiscartInsert.txt
Description:'s WhoisCart is susceptible to an arbitrary javascript injection flaw and also suffers from a directory traversal vulnerability.
Author:Elzar Stuffenbach
File Size:6190
Last Modified:Jun 23 09:44:22 2005
MD5 Checksum:dd25be9f27aad102003c487aada7f0db

 ///  File Name: winzipBO.c
WinZip command line local buffer overflow exploit. Tested with WinZip 8.1 on Win XP SP2 EN.
Author:ATmaCA, Kozan
File Size:2071
Last Modified:Jun 18 19:46:35 2005
MD5 Checksum:6d6c057db1a93df80a6ed4d08b8a8c5e

 ///  File Name: wordpress1512.txt
WordPress versions and below suffer from cross site scripting and SQL injection flaw.
Author:James Bercegay
File Size:5078
Last Modified:Jul 1 07:44:10 2005
MD5 Checksum:8327b854df403cd160ea4930f97806f2

 ///  File Name: wordpressSQL.txt
WordPress version and below remote SQL injection exploit.
Author:Alberto Trivero
File Size:1338
Last Modified:Jun 18 19:40:47 2005
MD5 Checksum:41e46050f50df0e5bd4cd59fb2bc4d2a

 ///  File Name:
WordPress XMLRPC Interface SQL injection exploit that allows for remote command execution.
Author:James Bercegay
File Size:9490
Last Modified:Jul 1 07:46:02 2005
MD5 Checksum:ce0fdd5e9eaafc05dff2dd948ea52e56

 ///  File Name: XOOPS2011.txt
XOOPS versions 2.0.11 and below suffer from cross site scripting and SQL injection vulnerabilities.
Author:James Bercegay
File Size:4166
Last Modified:Jul 1 08:10:11 2005
MD5 Checksum:af1cf3535febd29375a29411d13db4bb

 ///  File Name: ZH2005-13SA.txt
SQL injection, input tampering, and direct database access vulnerabilities exist in the (i)Site web site management system.
File Size:1776
Last Modified:Jun 18 21:35:34 2005
MD5 Checksum:6b05873aeea44f1fca95aa2c267d4d9d