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.: Exploits for March, 2001
Some of these exploits are from Bugtraq

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ascdcx.c2558Mar 15 16:02:33 2001 9e219e72bf260f2bb0957bf175ab7dc1
Local exploit for /usr/X11R6/bin/ascdc v0.3-2-i386 which overflows the -c switch.  Homepage: http://bse.die.ms. By The Itch
n82x.c16706Mar 19 00:39:54 2001 572799a470381b834d7cc0e07e523894
Named v8.2.x remote root exploit - Uses the tsig bug. Only includes linux shellcode. By Lucysoft, Ix
joe28.c3888Mar 19 00:17:32 2001 530287f848a25dff1eb7741d70ba2035
Joe 2.8 local exploit - Requires sysadmin intervention. Tested on FreeBSD 4.2-Release. By Fides
SA2K01.txt6325Mar 1 17:04:02 2001 8037a25480af2b21fdd09bcb932d4a38
A quick fix against RFP2101 - PHP-Nuke v4.4 and below allows users to steal accounts via sql hacking.  Homepage: http://SecurityApex.com. By Max
imapd_lsub.c1464Mar 4 13:18:00 2001 2943c1787b72ce3bf2bfe737ce29b72e
Imapd v12.264 remote exploit for Red Hat - Exploits an overflow in the LSUB command, which requires an account. Tested on Red Hat 5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2 with IMAP4rev1 v10.223, v11.241, v12.250, and v12.264.  Homepage: http://www.zone.ee/unix. By Narrow
ssh-brute.sh776Mar 8 18:38:30 2001 986fe09b26708b20752e93a261f6b8b9
Ssh-brute.sh brute force guesses root's password without being logged. See CLABS200101 for more information.  Homepage: http://jose@crimelabs.net.
rdC270201.adv.en2346Mar 3 00:10:36 2001 678f89d8935aa6ca1cad7f09eab50496
PHP-Nuke v4.4.1a contains remote vulnerabilities because arbitrary information can be passed to MySQL via the saveuser() function and several others. It's possible for the attacker to change the e-mail address of one of the users and ask for the password to be sent to the e-mail address that the attacker have provided. Exploit URL included.  Homepage: http://www.rdcrew.com.ar. By Venomous
iemsdaipp.txt5547Mar 29 17:55:48 2001 85beec7e8445644e67cb4fa185ca6a0c
Georgi Guninski security advisory #40 - Security bugs in interactions between IE 5.x, IIS 5.0 and Exchange 2000. If a malicious web page is browsed with IE it is possible to list the directories of arbitrary IIS 5.0 servers to which the browsing user has access. Under certain circumstances it is also possible to read the user's email or folders if it is stored on an Exchange 2000 server with web storage (it uses IIS 5.0). It is also possible to create (or probably modify) files on the Exchange 2000 server with web storage. Example exploit included.  Homepage: http://www.guninski.com. By Georgi Guninski
ASPSeek.txt754Mar 26 16:42:11 2001 46cec92ad366b836aa5f1751d55f8f0b
ASPSeek by SWSoft allows remote users to view any file on the webserver via a /../ bug. By Tack
ASPSeek-exploit.pl2277Mar 26 15:34:16 2001 15c85aa9f9e12cb5b98990e84cd5315c
Remote buffer overflow exploit for ASPSeek by SWSoft. Tested against Aspseek v1.0.3 running on Red Hat 6.2.  Homepage: http://teleh0r.cjb.net. By Telehor
manhole.c12548Mar 26 14:26:37 2001 8b78e5731e6124a250d964d2c2e26d0d
Manhole.c is a local exploit for man. Bypasses non-executable stack patches. Tested against Slackware 7.1, Debian 2.2, SuSE Linux 6.3, 6.4, and 7.0. By Fish Stiqz
elvwreck.c1693Mar 1 17:07:21 2001 4ca21b5b596030f13a6882a0b80a67f3
FreeBSD 3.5.1 and 4.2 ja-elvis and ko-helvis (ports packages) local root exploit. Both come with a utility called elvrec that is installed suid root by default.  Homepage: http://www.synnergy.net. By Dethy
ftpsed.pl1260Mar 19 00:22:21 2001 cf4a3464c6ceaaa5e194728e22f67628
ftpsed.pl is a perl script which exploits a denial of service vulnerability in Proftpd v1.2 and below. Requires a username and password.  Homepage: http://www.dutchriot.com. By Speedy
glob-abuse.c2552Mar 19 00:33:17 2001 df4760b5d6daa9e70c4e505232f87908
This code exploits a bug in the glob() function used in some ftpd's (like proftpd, netbsd ftpd, iis ftpd). It sends a 'ls' command for which will take up about 100% of a systems memory, creating a very effective dos. By R00T-dude
openssh-2.2.0-exp.tg..>2968Mar 15 17:32:47 2001 a975d944823b58f0e067a2c6cca0ae53
OpenSSH-2.2.0 remote exploit - Includes a wrapper to brute force the offset. By Nemes||y
sfgate-info.txt1188Mar 3 00:14:43 2001 f9ed84c3893940a2fda06ebdbbea9de5
SFGate v5.1 p11 gives sensitive information by allowing one to view a few lines of text from a file via an error message. Exploit URL included. By Krfinisterre
0103-exploits.tgz50558Apr 10 13:51:24 2001 dc41d0896e54183fb228e0b24db8af30
Packet Storm new exploits for March, 2001.
suq_diq.zip16841Mar 15 17:57:32 2001 b23af7e5a65ee8fcd01f9846db2e10a6
Suq Diq v1.00 is a remote exploit for IBM Net.Commerce, WebSphere and possibly other IBM and Lotus applications as well. These products use Tripple DES with a fixed key by default, allowing remote users to gain the usernames and plaintext passwords of all Net.Commerce accounts. Exploit URL's included. By Xor37h and Darkman
vv5.pl1390Mar 19 00:46:15 2001 a2cab69356c0b04e87dc3307f26a0c1c
IIS 5.0 / Windows 200 WebDAV remote denial of service exploit - Sends a specially crafted request, as described in MS01-016.  Homepage: http://www.guninski.com. By Georgi Guninski
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