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.: 0109-exploits
File Name File Size Last Modified MD5 Checksum
aimrape.tar.gz11133Oct 3 23:04:46 2001c1eac4de81c5497037961f7de9f51d4e
Aimrape is a remote denial of service exploit for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) v4.7.2480 and below.  Homepage: http://sec.angrypacket.com. By Methodic
cso.c4602Sep 10 21:14:51 2001bca688c3d593da49eb33f09d20d27877
Cso.c is a remote exploit for cgicso included with cgiemail 1.6. Tested on Slackware Linux 7.1 running Apache 1.3.20.  Homepage: http://www.hhp-programming.net. By Ben Schultz
majordomo.1.94.4.txt4582Sep 18 19:42:41 2001f6097b21c3e3084814496027e4c89aad
Majordomo v1.94.4 contains vulnerabilities which allow local users to obtain a uid=majordomo shell.  Homepage: http://ws.obit.nl. By Marco van Berkum
DoSadsl812.java3918Sep 11 10:08:55 200136a23d0969a3dfa812dc12aef2354cab
Denial of service attack against a 3com ADSL 812 router in Java. Resets the router without any password, as described here. By Magnetic
maj1944-xpl.pl2839Sep 28 09:23:28 200193542c2ce8283244257ff38ed13f553c
Majordomo v1.94.4 local exploit in perl. Binds a shell to port 1234 with uid=Majordomo. By Nemes||y
rdC-cr2abuse.tgz2694Sep 11 10:42:52 20013961bb92858e36a6743c5afc12a8b11e
A code red mass fix/abuse tool.  Homepage: http://www.rdcrew.com.ar. By Venomous
km.pl1647Sep 12 09:02:43 200137d8b33d6f5e3d0b8f357405a0f0a59b
Kazaa and Morpheus remote denial of service exploit in perl - Floods the server using non-rate limited shared folder connections. By Paul Godfrey
oracle.9i.path.txt1205Sep 18 19:23:14 200103c1cfbb8ebb0f71cef657b855fb25dc
The Oracle 9i Application Server uses the Apache web server for HTTP service. However, if a request is made for a non-existent .jsp file, the complete path is shown. By KK Mookhey
qpopper.pl1141Sep 3 14:27:17 2001b84cd17517203b65b5ed2cd4fe7002e7
Qualcomm's Qpopper mail server POP3 authentication when used with PAM that gives remote users information about whether user accounts exist or not. This perl script has been tested with Qpopper v4.0.1 on Redhat 7.x. By Nemes||y

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