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.: 0111-exploits
File Name File Size Last Modified MD5 Checksum
comphack.c9580Dec 4 2001 20:45:18ec9b7dc03b8f7d51712b0e5d34aa7476
Comphack.c is a remote exploit for Compaq Insight Manager. By Indigo
php-nuke.5.1.txt1825Nov 22 2001 00:51:585686e0f17eae8f3ea7fd0aa3489ea3c9
PhpNuke v5.1 allows remote users to steal the admin password, which is Base 64 encoded. The password is in a cookie which needs to be stolen from the admin by asking him to visit a link.  Homepage: http://www.iSecureLabs.com. By Cabezon Aurilien
CgiXp.exe53248Nov 21 2001 23:33:25d8a90c61f227c272691969a903aff1bd
CgiXp.exe is a remote exploit for Webcart v8.4 (bugtraq id 3453) and several unicode vulnerabilities (bugtraq id 1806). Tested against Windows NT Server 2000 / IIS 5.0 and Linux Red Hat 7.2 / Apache 1.3.22 +webcart.cgi. Gui based, requires Visual Basic 5.0 .OCX files in your system directory (richtext ocx, msinet dll). By Trippin Smurfs.
fingerd-cgi.txt6089Nov 21 2001 23:12:309684aed3ac871b146dc84de43c08404f
Berkeley finger.cgi has a remote command execution vulnerability because it does not strip out newlines.  Homepage: http://www.bugtraq.org/.
flickstitan.txt1745Nov 21 2001 20:55:395a1f22fbe896e7084e009630287190bf
The Flicks Titan application firewall for IIS has a vulnerability in the url inspection allowing it to be easily bypassed.
write.c1882Nov 21 2001 12:20:539ab94adaec92ed98f444ac24987c83be
Proof of concept code for the Solaris 2.6 and 2.7 (SPARC) "write" buffer overflow. Guile Cool
hp-ux-bdf.c1778Nov 13 2001 19:21:255526447797c7d371db32917465b45ae6
Hp-ux-bdf.c is a local root buffer overflow exploit for HP-UX's /usr/bin/bdf.  Homepage: http://www.electronicsouls.org. By Brainstorm
dwarf.tgz7960Nov 12 2001 21:52:49dfde6fefaa82e2886f43fe7bffa5e4a0
Dwarf.cpp is an unreleased exploit for Troll ftpd, a supposedly secure ftp server.  Homepage: http://www.synnergy.net. By Scrippie
tuxDOS.pl928Nov 5 2001 19:42:48ef6f8b8a11be58b479e90df9a1dc1c79
Tux web server remote dos attack. Sends a large host parameter inside the get request. Tested again RedHat 7.2. By Malcom-x
IIS5-Koei.zip66603Nov 5 2001 19:26:09acc495b060d164a1c7e9141926877c8f
IIS 5.0 remote win32 exploit for the null.printer buffer overflow.  Homepage: http://hoepelkoe.cjb.net. By eSDee

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