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 ///  File Name: 0407-exploits.tgz
Packet Storm new exploits for July, 2004.
File Size:127806
Last Modified:Aug 4 10:00:16 2004
MD5 Checksum:b5572cacdd04c8411a4a0aa61741425c

 ///  File Name: antiboard072.txt
SQL Injection and cross site scripting vulnerabilities exist in AntiBoard versions 0.7.2 and below due to a lack of input validation of various variables.
Author:Josh Gilmour
File Size:3374
Last Modified:Jul 29 20:02:42 2004
MD5 Checksum:7b3e3b69deaf2508cd5bddf064acc884

 ///  File Name: applePanther.txt
Apple OSX Panther 10.3.4 with Internet Connect version 1.3 by default appends to ppp.log in /tmp if the file already exists. If a symbolic link is made to any file on the system, it automatically writes to it as root allowing for an easy local compromise. Detailed exploitation given.
File Size:5887
Last Modified:Jul 25 19:44:35 2004
MD5 Checksum:ce17ecd81b9eb0c5d05363684b7fb20c

 ///  File Name: bitlanceOpera.txt
A vulnerability in the Opera 7.x series allows phishing attacks due to not updating the address bar if a web page is opened using the function and then replaced using the location.replace function.
Author:bitlance winter
File Size:4323
Last Modified:Jul 28 01:37:01 2004
MD5 Checksum:c14ba26335be0774fdde44f2ac60d3c4

 ///  File Name: centreVuln.txt
A lack of sanity checking in Centre version 1.0 allows unprivileged users the ability to change administrator options and create new accounts.
File Size:975
Last Modified:Jul 1 13:35:00 2004
MD5 Checksum:882d6a1699ce0c9585a69bac87772441

 ///  File Name: citadel.advisory-04.txt
Citadel/UX versions 6.23 and below are vulnerable to a buffer overflow that occurs when more than 97 bytes are sent with the USER directive to port 504.
File Size:7357
Last Modified:Jul 29 18:23:05 2004
MD5 Checksum:19ca7f050f3b6e57f8fb51c2e642600d

 ///  File Name: drcat.c
Exploit for a buffer overflow in drcatd 0.5.0 beta. This may allow for command execution when the system administrator has assumed that only read access to files has been granted, but as it requires a valid username and password, this is unlikely to ever be a high-risk exploit.
Related File:zone-h-drcat.txt
File Size:11047
Last Modified:Jul 2 19:00:00 2004
MD5 Checksum:7a0995e8f134b7911128d4430d4916c7

 ///  File Name: eSeSIX.txt
eSeSIX Thintune with a firmware equal to or below 2.4.38 is susceptible to multiple vulnerabilities. These include having a backdoored service on a high port with an embedded password giving a remote root shell, various other passwords being stored locally in clear text, and a local root shell vulnerability.
Author:Dirk Loss
File Size:10051
Last Modified:Jul 26 18:46:47 2004
MD5 Checksum:ed8d2018e1ac3d1f4a1ffa5deebcf6f7

 ///  File Name:
Eudora versions 5.x to 6.0.3 local exploit that makes use of the attachment buffer overflow.
File Size:1650
Last Modified:Jul 4 12:36:00 2004
MD5 Checksum:10359bac2d693fcd3ea09b32037b2d1a

 ///  File Name: ew_file_manager.txt
The EasyWeb FileManager Module for PostNuke is vulnerable to a directory traversal problem which allows retrieval of arbitrary files from the remote system. Versions affected: EasyWeb FileManager 1.0 RC-1.
File Size:1736
Last Modified:Jul 26 17:47:44 2004
MD5 Checksum:83e6e7c52df462a9020b12bacecc7803

 ///  File Name: FlashFTPtraverse.txt
Flash FTP Server version 1.0 (and possibly 2.1) for Windows is susceptible to a directory traversal attack.
File Size:1252
Last Modified:Jul 23 00:39:59 2004
MD5 Checksum:d888fba71a170149b81755762462a516

 ///  File Name:
FloodWorld, the IRC tool, is susceptible to a denial of service attack due to a mishandling of special characters.
File Size:22409
Last Modified:Jul 25 00:02:38 2004
MD5 Checksum:6965bfc35580f8100f3f1777952fc2b1

 ///  File Name: getusr.c
Exploit that makes use of the mod_userdir vulnerability in various Apache 1.3 and 2.x servers.
File Size:8800
Last Modified:Jul 21 00:56:49 2004
MD5 Checksum:8662511387d1c9dfabc4db3091ec50b0

 ///  File Name:
Remote denial of service exploit for a flaw in the Half-Life server on Linux and Windows where a write occurs to a read-only memory zone.
Author:Luigi Auriemma, Terry Henning
Related File:memHalfLife.txt
File Size:7979
Last Modified:Jul 12 18:55:00 2004
MD5 Checksum:d1fdd00f30e4c58a069834cc783da62f

 ///  File Name:
Denial of service test exploit for the flaw in Apache httpd 2.0.49.
Related File:httpd1.html
File Size:994
Last Modified:Jul 24 04:17:12 2004
MD5 Checksum:892497144c85040b5f7f29714ac7ac6b

 ///  File Name: IRM-009.txt
IRM Security Advisory 009 - RiSearch version 1.0.01 and RiSearch Pro 3.2.06 are susceptible to open FTP/HTTP proxying, directory listings, and file disclosure vulnerabilities.
File Size:4125
Last Modified:Jul 29 01:59:12 2004
MD5 Checksum:1b9d106a4cfb851b8104f1d39a7e039c

 ///  File Name: LBEhelpdesk.txt
Leigh Business Enterprises's (LBE) Web HelpDesk versions 4.0.80 and below suffer from a SQL injection attack vulnerability. Full exploit included.
Author:Noam Rathaus
File Size:6578
Last Modified:Jul 24 03:48:31 2004
MD5 Checksum:3eb0d573f0b7fc9ee79cad8841b5498a

 ///  File Name:
Remote test code that verifies buffer overflows in the Medal of Honor games including Allied Assault version 1.11v9 and below, Breakthrough version 2.40b and below, and Spearhead version 2.15 and below.
Author:Luigi Auriemma
Related File:mohBufferOverflow.txt
File Size:9965
Last Modified:Jul 17 23:42:00 2004
MD5 Checksum:3ce5ddcdc7eaff52426ebace15a4649c

 ///  File Name: Mozilla_FireFox_25-07-2004.txt
Mozilla FireFox versions 0.9.1 and 0.9.2 has a flaw where it is possible to make a browser load a valid certificate from a trusted website by using a specially crafted onunload event
Author:Emmanouel Kellinis
File Size:2531
Last Modified:Jul 26 17:29:42 2004
MD5 Checksum:a68818ff1367d00efcd7648a26f062cd

 ///  File Name: mysql.authentication.bypass_client...>
A .diff file, applied to the MySQL 5.0.0-alpha source distribution will allow building a MySQL client that can be used to connect to a remote MySQL server with no password.
Related File:HackingMySQL.txt
File Size:487
Last Modified:Jul 8 17:25:00 2004
MD5 Checksum:a2d6b84debc92d7d3051cf4d65b303f7

 ///  File Name: netsupportDNA.txt
NetSupport DNA Helpdesk 1.x is susceptible to a SQL injection vulnerability. Full exploit provided.
Author:Noam Rathaus
File Size:7667
Last Modified:Jul 24 03:53:37 2004
MD5 Checksum:874f8cd71853aef7d01e6755da0430f5

 ///  File Name: nucleusCMSSQL.txt
Nucleus CMS version 3.01 addcoment/itemid SQL Injection Proof of Concept PHP exploit that dumps the username and md5 hash of the password for the administrator user.
File Size:2952
Last Modified:Jul 27 02:06:00 2004
MD5 Checksum:5f33156ab09bacdd615e77aecfc99674

 ///  File Name: OpteronMicrocode.txt
This document details the procedure for performing microcode updates on the AMD K8 processors. It also gives background information on the K8 microcode design and provides information on altering the microcode and loading the altered update for those who are interested in microcode hacking. Source code is included for a simple Linux microcode update driver for those who want to update their K8's microcode without waiting for the motherboard vendor to add it to the BIOS. The latest microcode update blocks are included in the driver.
File Size:28902
Last Modified:Jul 23 01:52:47 2004
MD5 Checksum:925bf1b56a160a7d79d11e38398da7d2

 ///  File Name: phpMyAdmin257.txt
phpMyAdmin version 2.5.7 is susceptible to allowing remote malicious users the ability to inject PHP code. Full exploit provided.
Author:Nasir Simbolon
File Size:11896
Last Modified:Jul 1 12:42:00 2004
MD5 Checksum:efa2bc2daeaaf7a11623f78fae49fd53

 ///  File Name: polarHelp.txt
Polar HelpDesk version 3.0 does not adequately verify whether the user logged onto the system has proper administrative access when performing administrative duties.
Author:Noam Rathaus
File Size:6968
Last Modified:Jul 24 04:20:47 2004
MD5 Checksum:bd7719f2d67ec7995c2955a53167f60b